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About the Author:

NaCo is a spiritual man who has authority with God by Christ.  He is a committed and loving husband of 19 years and a dedicated and loving father.

He is a preacher and teacher of spiritual principles.  He writes songs, books and screenplays.  He sings and produces CDís.  He currently has published three books; two non-fictions; Wife Material, Preparing Single Spiritual Sisters for Marriage, The Joseph Generation, How to Fulfill Your Dream Against the Odds and a fiction, Divided Nation, Part One: Divine Destiny.

NaCoís passion for people to understand the principles and power of the kingdom of heaven makes him an excellent educator and motivational speaker.  His ability to relate to the young and older generation alike; makes him someone who can bridge the gap. 

His style of singing and writing appeals to every ethnic group; African Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, etc.  As a non-fiction writer he has a way of writing directly to the reader as though it is a personal lesson in a personal letter.  He also has the ability to take a common subject and make it exceptional. His fiction takes one on a journey to destiny as they pick up nuggets of knowledge on the way.

NaCoís charismatic speaking ability causes him to inspire and motivate a person in the most desperate situation  He has been labeled the prolific prophet for todayís generation to bring peace and power in a desperate time.

 NaCo had a troubled past that caused him to be in and out of trouble most of his life.  He understands clearly God was preparing him to help a troubled generation find success in their struggles.

It is NaCoís objective to show this generation how to get blessings and be a blessing in the middle of the battle.

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