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Alright... You should be up-to-date on what has been transpiring over the past three to four years now with me. The latest news is that “Divided Nation” is now digitally formatted, along with “The Joseph Generation” and “Wife Material” is in the process of being formatted as well.

All three of these books have been a blessing to many to the Glory of God. Now you can get them on Kindle, Smart Phone and other digital outlets.

I am in the process of writing a few more books. Like I said before... I have been busy, busy and BUSY! As you can see now that everything is established, I can focus a little more on writing as I prepare to make the transition back into society.


The Nation has become divided and is going through a major conflict right now concerning race. But this is the season for a ‘spiritual solution’ in a social setting. No more talking about it, debating about it, or cussing and fussing about it. We have to find a solution to the problem. Remember, I said the Joseph Generation is coming out with a solution. So if you haven’t read “Divided Nation,” when you get the chance, you should read it. It was written over eight years ago, and yet, it remains relevant to address the very conflicts we have today.

On a personal note, more books forthcoming from me are so hard to write because every time I turn around a subject comes up that relates directly to one of the three books I’ve already written, which brings them back into high demand again ☺.


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Being the author of “Divided Nation,” many have asked me what I thought of the Zimmerman verdict. Believe me people it was ‘very heated’ in here, but cooler heads prevailed. One of the realities I brought to light was this:

This is a spiritual opportunity to deal with one of America’s greatest problems, racism. If racism is not dealt with, now, at this time...once and for all... then it will prove to be the downfall of a great country.


Well...remember God is raising up a new generation out of the penal system that is armed with solutions. The solution to racism just so happens to be in their great arsenal. For example, “Divided Nation” was written over eight years ego, yet, it dealt with some of the questions that must be asked if we are going to address these issues of racism head-on.

One thing we’re not going to do is keep talking about an issue that has been around long enough to have been long solved. We are only making the matter worse by talking about a problem that we have no intention of doing anything about.

This is the season of solutions and results, because results cannot be denied.


If you don’t have the solution ready to put into action, then ‘shut yo’ mouth! If you are not ready to put your money where your mouth is . . . then ‘shut yo’ mouth!’ If you just want to give your opinion on the subject, just to let everyone know you have a political voice, do what? That’s right…. ‘SHUT YO’ MOUTH!!’

The only people who should be worth listening to are the ones who are offering more than an idea that will fade black whenever the TV is turned off.


The solution to racism is simple, yet profound. The solution to racism lies in workshops. I labeled these workshops ‘Race Relations Development Workshops’ (RRDW). These workshops should be placed in all major institutions (religion, education, entertainment, corporate, political, and commercial just to name a few) across the nation.

We have a very serious, delusional and naive mentality if we think something that was apart of the fabric of America will just up and disappear because some don’t like it. The first thing we must do is admit we have a problem and where it came from in order to begin the process of dismantling it from the ‘inside-out.’


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Allow me to use Paula Dean as an example. She was a great asset to corporate America. She was raised in the south, not to mention she could really cook and taught millions to do so. Now out of the clear blue she said or did something one day that changed her life, income, and career forever.

Even though I am an African-American male, I still feel it was unfair how we treated her, for two reasons:
  1. We cannot fight fire with fire. You cannot be ‘natural and deal with a race issue. You have to deal with the race issue from a spiritual point of view. Everyone has a soul, and that soul is not black, white, or brown.
  2. We never gave Paula a workshop to help her deal with something we said was ‘okay’ in our country for centuries.


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We are living in a very special time where talk shows have a very high viewing audience. This shows me where we are becoming more intelligent, it also suggests we are ready to talk about issues we ordinarily were not ready to talk about in the past. Being a spiritual specialist (a spiritual specialist is someone who spiritually develops people or groups of people) teaching in the Federal Correctional Institution for over 12 years, I am used to teaching on ‘technical territory’ and dealing with sensitive issues. So how we approach this race issue is very important, everyone can’t perform this task. We have to continue to remind ourselves we are intelligent individuals, who can talk reasonably about sensitive subjects without belittling each other or disregarding another’s upbringing and point of view.

I would love to sit down with Paula Dean and Zimmerman and talk with them on the race issue. As far as I’m concerned they both are victims of a system that says, "It’s okay to have racist thoughts, but do not speak or act on them."

The rules were changed in the middle of the game without teaching Paula or Zimmerman the new rule book. If nothing else, RRDW would give many like Paula and Zimmerman a chance to get the ‘old rule book’ out of their system and to understand the ‘new book’ and get it embedded in their system. That’s right... this workshop would be a ‘spiritual detox’ to rid the race issue out of everyone’s life.


Trayvon Martin's supporters shocked by George Zimmerman acquittal...

The Florida Times-Union, by Jerriann Sullivan & Kathryn Varn (Sat, July 13, 2013)

Just imagine if the solution of the RRDW were established before Paula made that statement, she would still be in business making the country a lot of money. Even if the workshop was establish after the statement, she would still have the opportunity to benefit from the results of the workshop. I was saying this to one of my students when the Zimmerman verdict came out and the public's response was incensed. The verdict divided the nation. Even President Obama was compelled to respond.

A lot of people don’t know that the Holy Spirit led me to present “Divided Nation” as a reference to deal with the race issue. I’m not going to elaborate on the verdict, nor the details of the trial, which was interesting from my point of view. However, I will mention that Trayvon and Zimmerman are both victims of the verdict. If workshops like RRDW was established it would have helped Trayvon understand why he was being followed and how to respond; and Zimmerman would have understood why he felt the need to follow Trayvon and how to respond. Trayvon has given us a platform to deal with the race issue once and for all.


Please understand racism is in degrees. There are whites who are racist against blacks, and blacks who are against whites; Latinos against whites and white against Latinos; and black and whites against Latinos at times and Latinos against blacks and whites; and blacks and Latinos against whites, and whites against black and Latinos. All of them are still victims of racism. If someone doesn’t have respect for their own race, they will find it hard to respect any other race. Once you learn how to love and respect yourself, then you can learn to love and respect others.

This workshop will deal with the race issue from the root and show different degrees. It will not be overnight, but it can work, and it must work if the country continues to be the great melting pot.


Allow me to give you five questions that will come from the questionnaire of the RRDW:
   1. The founding of America, do you think it was built on racism?
   2. Do you think you can be racist to your own race?
   3. What’s the difference between being racist and prejudice?
   4. Do you celebrate your difference, or do you try to minimize it?
   5. Have you ever had an interracial relationship? If so, did you try to hide it?

In closing, when one asks what makes me an authority on the subject of race, as I have written previously, I am a spiritual specialist who spiritually develops individuals from the ‘inside-out.’ I was blessed to do so in a very interracial, multi-cultural, hostile environment. And I can honesty say most of my students are African-American, Caucasians, and Latinos, who all look at me as a spiritual mentor and father. We have many discussions about the race issues in our country... how we used to see things and how we see things now.

This is all I’m going to write for now on the subject. I will be updating in a couple of weeks to continue the workshop dialogue. Make sure you leave your comment on the Race Relations Development Workshop.

This is just one of the many solutions God has given the men in the penal system for society.

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