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Spiritual Development Inner Man Trainer's Manual: Developing and Training your Inner Man
  Soft Cover - 580pp
  ISBN# 9780978890186
  Price: $18.00 S&H



Spiritual Development Inner Man Trainee's Curriculum – Book I: Developing and Training your Inner Man
  Soft Cover - 228pp
  ISBN# 9780978890193
  Price: $10.00 S&H



Spiritual Development Inner Man Trainee's Curriculum – Book II: Developing and Training your Inner Man
  Soft Cover - 228pp
  ISBN# 9780996838207
  Price: $10.00 S&H



Spiritual Development Inner Man Trainee's Curriculum – Book III: Developing and Training your Inner Man
  Soft Cover - 178pp
  ISBN# 9780996838214
  Price: $8.00 S&H



Spiritual Development Inner Man Training Aftercare: Application and Memorization
  Soft Cover - 128pp
  ISBN# 9780996838221
  Price: $5.00 S&H
















Some of the brothers pictured above: Phillip W. Whitworth, Christopher Bradley, Jose Brito, Martell Jordan, Felipe Quinones, Jr., Ronald Hernandez, Charles Corbin, III, Michael Booker, Jerrod Martin



Top Row: Bro. Antwan, Bro. Charles, Bro. Rueben, Bro. Tyrone, Bro. Roberto, Bro. Enrique

Bottom Row: Bro. Anthony, Bro. Kim, Bro. Amoo, Bro. Leobardo. Bro. Thomas



Divine Royalty Ministry is excited to feature spiritual development inner man training facilitators.

These are individuals who have:

• been spiritually developed.

• gone on to apply the Aftercare.

• gone on to teach and facilitate at least one person.

• gone on to train and facilitate many others.

• mentored and helped others to grow spiritually.

• encouraged their trainees to get their GED, parenting skills, communication skills, relationship skills and any necessary tools to help them make a smooth transition back into society.

Some facilitators help with individuals, other help oversee units and other prisons.

You know when facilitators and trainers are at work, because the violence in a prison goes down, and the participants in the re-enter programs and Church service goes up.

As you may have noticed, Divine Royalty Ministry facilitators are more than teachers and trainers, but they are spiritual father figures.

So help Divine Royalty Ministry celebrates our facilitators and trainers as we feature them for a month. We will feature them and their work.

You may want to send a letter or card of congratulations, after all these are the men who are making sure your husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, grandsons, nephews and friends are prepared to re-enter society the best person they can be for God and for you.



Bro. Kwame Amoo-Adare

Bro. Stacy Berry

Bro. Jesse Bottoms

Bro. Warren Charleston

Bro. Antonio Espey

Bro. Nakie Harris

Bro. Shawn Herman

Bro. David Hill

Bro. Devictor Jackson

Bro. Montreece Kindle

Bro. Doyle Lee

Bro. Marshall Nicholson

Bro. Amanza Pollino

Bro. Robert Stinson, Jr.

Other Facilitators pictured below





I met Amoo in Manchester FCI and he was one of the ones who was reluctant to take Spiritual Development. He thought it was another jailhouse religion bible class taught by a know it all inmate.

When he came to the class held in the recreation department I could see the skepticism written all over his face. By the second class I saw him writing notes with the same look on his face. Never once did he ask a single question, but he was very studious with no change in his facial expression.

By the third class I could see the skepticism being removed, a little at a time. And by the last class I remember this brother crying as the Holy Spirit revealed to him the living word. I remember this because he was still trying to write notes with tears flowing down his face, as the word of God broke the chains off his mind, emotion and will, refreshing him and freeing him from the inside-out.

After graduation and completing the Aftercare, Amoo was elevated to facilitate. He understood this was the missing piece from his spiritual life.

In the process of studying a correspondence college course, do you know he began to teach the men? When it was time for me to leave, it was Amoo who the Holy Spirit lead me to place in charge of the ministry. He continued to teach and oversee the other facilitators in Manchester until his transfer to Rivers FCI. Upon arriving at Rivers FCI he continued to facilitate men in Spiritual Development.

When he met with the Chaplain to introduce to her the training, he began to go full force to facilitate the men throughout the congregation. He has graduated two class so far. Pictured below is his latest graduating class.



Now he is focused on getting Spiritual Development in each unit as he prepares men to be part of the Joseph Generation Army.

Amoo is from Kenya, along with his mother, son and wife. He lived in Atlanta before his incarceration. He is an author of a book entitled, “Fatherless Child”.

The Lord is preparing this young man for an international ministry to bless the world with a liberated word of God.

Divine Royalty Ministry celebrates KWAME AMOO-ADARE for being a spiritual man of God and for sacrificing time and energy to help spiritually develop men so they can be prepared to re-enter society as the solution.

Thank you very much.





I pray my testimony will inspire someone to follow God and trust Him and wait on Him because we are on His time. If you do He will bless everything you touch, but you have to be obedient and operate in love and the power of God will move through your life.



Speaking of the Joseph Generation being released to do God’s will. One of the soldiers of the Joseph Generation Army has been released after 13 years. He recently wrote me and the brothers a letter to encourage them to stay focused. I want to share with you what he shared with us.


(Toby’s Letter)

To my Spiritual Father:

Before sharing some of the things that God has done for me since I returned home I wanted to express to you how grateful I am that God placed you in my life for a season. It make all the difference in the world to me and I wouldn’t have gotten it any other way than the way that I received it. I thank God for you and I pray that He continues to bless you and your family beyond measure. Sorry if I made you grievous at any time because I know that I was not the easiest person to be mentored to but you did it in spite of everything.

Now if I know anything about you at all, I know that you are going to share the pictures and this letter with the Body of Christ so my brothers in Christ listen to what I’m about to share with you.

We serve an awesome and mighty God. My brothers I was one of them that didn’t take Spiritual Development right off and so I wrestled with it and with Bro. Brown. I was jealous and I had resentment towards him. Not because of anything he had done, but it had everything to do with me and where I was at the moment. But then an angel of the Lord visited me and told me that God had sent Bro. Brown to Manchester specifically for me. Bro. Brown not the first one, but the second one. Not for me only, but for me and from that moment I began to submit to his authority and brother it was not easy. See I was like the spiritual leader here and so Bro. Brown was stepping on my toes, but I had nothing to lead them to. So I had to go to everyone and meet with them one-on-one to tell them that God had sent Mr. Brown to us, not to listen to me, but to listen to him and him only. Talking about humbling yourself before the mighty hand of God.

But in humbling myself to him, spiritually God was placing me in authority and I didn’t know it. After that Mr. Brown and the ones that sat under him began to do a mighty work on the compound that was never seen before. So powerful that the administration took notice of it and made it apart of centry, which is none other than programming.

His leaving the compound was the saddest time for all of us. But after his leaving is when we discovered some of the authority that he passed to each of us to continue the work. The words that he left to us was to just learn the principles and apply them to our everyday life, and that he was the example that we needed to know that the principles work.

From that moment on I have lived by those principles and door after door have been opened to me. Upon my release I had built up momentum in the spiritual realm that causes doors to open in the natural realm. I feel like preaching that right now. What I mean it that people will bless you and don’t even know why they are blessing you. Allow me to give you a few examples; when I got home I went to get my license because the job I wanted required me to have them. Well they told me that I had to pay $7,000 to get my license. I didn’t have it, but I prayed about it. Got up the next morning and made a few calls and was able to set it up where I pay $100 a month until it is paid off. Now I was gone 13 years, but God made a way.

My wife and I (she wasn’t my wife yet) began to look for a home. Do you know that we bought a new home with zero money down and people are still asking us how did we do that and all we tell them is God. We got married on October 11th and the only thing we paid for was my tuxedo and my son’s tuxedo, everything else family and friends paid for. Just three weeks ago I bought a truck for almost nothing. Now don’t think I am bragging because I wouldn’t do that, but I am bragging on my God because He is simply amazing.

But what I want you to see is that when you get serious about God, all things are possible and I am a living witness of that.

Just last week I was invited to share my testimony with a group of people at a friend of mine's home. And when I shared with them Spiritual Development and my Spiritual Father NaCoe Brown they dropped their mouths and said, that is a powerful curriculum. By the way that friend that invited me is a multi-millionaire that told me if I needed anything at all that he would supply it. Almost sound like Keith in Recognizing and Realizing Your Purpose.

God is real and He loves you. And what He is doing for me right now, He will do the same for you if you will just go hard for him like you went hard for the devil. In Christ you get to keep all the blessings, whereas with the devil you lose your freedom and your so-called blessings.

Get close to Bro. Brown and don’t waste time. If you will listen to him, he will get you there a lot sooner than you can with doing it your way. To each of you, I love you and may God bless.


Spiritual Son



America, I’m warning you, expect great things from this man of God. He is exactly what the doctor ordered, medicine for the soul.

Humble, but powerful, he will be and already is an example of the husband and father God is releasing for His glory. God by Christ Jesus is doing a new thing in this brother!




Another soldier in the Joseph Generation Army, remember our brother whose last picture we saw him with Bishop Paul Morton.

Well our brother is not only working, but also preaching and his wife is preaching as well.

He created a group of men who are coming together to work towards solutions in our society. They had a conference in August and a radio interview. This army is coming together and the hand of God is making it happen.

This is Jeff with another great man of God, Bishop Eddie Long.

You know God is taking us to the palace and in the palace are hurting kings. Kings who have been through trials, test and temptations, but God is not finished with these kings, he wants us to build and edify them to go to another level of greatness.

Men like our brother Jeff is anointed to minister to the hurting kings to give them the word of faith and knowledge and to break the chains off of their lives.

You have to get ready to see the broken pieces coming back together better than ever! Now what!



For the public's information:


The Aftercare is what every spiritual development trainer and trainee live by.

1. Read our Bible: This helps us get our daily bread each day. Whether it is a chapter or two, we make sure we feed our inner man.

2. Pray: We spend time in the spiritual gym and make sure we grow and increase in our time monthly.

3. Fast: We fast once a week and increase in our time monthly to deny our flesh and keep the inner man in charge by the Holy Spirit.

4. Give: We give our tithes and offerings to stay connected to the spiritual economy of the kingdom of God.

5. Memorize: We go over the main principles of spiritual development training.

6. We go over the spiritual development worksheet to be well prepared to teach others.

7. We teach others, whether it is a co-worker, classmate or family member.

Check Point

This can be your check point upon your release, if you feel yourself going back into your old lifestyle, look over this Aftercare list.