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The Joseph Generation

Cover-smIt's Time for You To Fulfill Your Dreams, And Guess What? You Will Do It Against The Odds.

It's the Season for Ordinary people to do the Extraordinary.

This Book will give you the insight you need that will take you step by step to the Palace and beyond.

If these Spiritual Principles worked for Joseph in a famine, I'm sure they can work for you.

You already have the Dream; all you need now is the Dream Development so you can walk the Red Carpet to your Destiny.

And they said you wouldn't make it (LOL).

During this season:
Some will open up businesses against the odds
Some will get married against the odds
Some will start a powerful Church against the odds
Some will raise their children against the odds
Some will get out of debt against the odds
Some will get their degree against the odds
Whatever the Dream may be, it's your season to fulfill it against all odds.

Here’s a link to pamphlets and newsletters on the Joseph Generation

The Joseph Generation: How to Fulfill Your Dream Against the Odds
  Spiritual Self-Help
  Hard Cover - 260pp
  ISBN# 9780978890124
  Price: $20.95 S&H

The Joseph Generation: How to Fulfill Your Dream Against the Odds
  Spiritual Self-Help
  Soft Cover - 264pp
  ISBN# 9780978890155
  Price: $13.95 S&H




Praise the Most High. How are the people of the Most High God doing?

It seems like it was just yesterday since I wrote you last. Time flies when you’re winning souls and training the next generation of spiritual leaders. Not to mention giving God all the glory in the process.

Like always, I have been getting your sons, brothers, husbands, uncles, fathers and boyfriends ready for this great move of God. We’re doing this from the inside out, it’s a dirty and hard job, but somebody has to do it.

Believe me, they are worth it. I know you may not know the true person, but I’m here to tell you they will be not only changed, but they will be coming out with solutions for the family, community, city, state and even nation. It’s only fair that I update you to what has been taking place since the last time I wrote you.




We are starting this extraordinary year with expecting God to use the ordinary things in our lives in an extraordinary way.

It’s not too late. If you haven’t done anything extraordinary, now is the time. Go for it! Do something extra, give a little more extra time to it. I know you have been procrastinating, you’ve had some opposition and you may have started the project but didn’t finish.

It’s not too late, do something big for God, for yourself and watch God take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.




As some may know I started writing my sixth book in January. In April it was published and made available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in June.

The book, “You Are A Superstar is our company’s first women’s motivational book. We now have a “You Are A Superstar” campaign going on.

The campaign is to motivate women to elevate to the next level in their career, homes, the workplace, politics, economics and in the area of self-esteem.

It’s your time to go to another level of greatness without any hesitation, procrastination or any apology.

This book is to reach the social society, there will be a sequel to this book from a spiritual perspective. So you can look for that. It’s time to give solutions to our society with spiritual principles.

Now this is a time when mothers and daughters will team up to take it to another level in life. So when you see the increase of accomplishments of women at this time, don’t be surprised. Join in.

The second book will give you the spiritual reasons why all this is happening. So brace yourself, it’s going to be a high ride right to the top!

Doors will be opened and opportunities will be realized like never before. This is your time and the only thing you have to do to participate in the extraordinary shift is prepare.

For more information about the book and campaign log onto www.u-r-a-superstar.com




Well, I have to admit from April to September I was in a nice storm.

The administration at McDowell had taken a new change. They thought I had too much influence on the compound, so they wanted me to leave.

It’s like the Pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph’s contributions to Egypt so he put the children of Israel into slavery. What they didn’t know, the day before I was placed in the S.H.U. I mentioned to one of the brothers I wouldn’t mind going into the S.H.U. for a couple of days or at least a month; just to pray and build up my inner man.

I had just completed preaching a sermon entitled, “Backfire” and everything was set up for me to leave.

The next day they came to me and told me it was time for me to leave the compound. They thought it was hurting me, but all the time it was exactly what I spoke out of my mouth.

Be careful what you say because you can speak your future into existence. So watch your mouth and make sure you say the right things, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right motives.

It was a storm, but it was a nice storm, a lot of good things came out of it.




For you who don’t know how the S.H.U. is set up. It’s called, Special Housing Unit where you have the normal cell, but you have a shower in the room .

They bring you breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a change of clothes, linen and books. The only draw back is you are in the cell 23 hours Monday to Thursday and 24 hours Friday to Sunday. This is what Denzel was shouting about in Training Day, “The S.H.U. Program.

Well to me it was the place I needed to pray and since I had everything I needed in one room, I could put all my focus on fasting, praying and building the inner man.

Where are you in life right now? Are you at a place you think is a disadvantage? Well it has been designed for you to pray. Don't be so much in a rush to get out of the situation. Instead I think you should slow down and look around to see if it has the make-up of a prayer room.

This can easily be a place of miracles, a place where you see Heaven open and God reveal to you what He has for you and your family.

Don’t move so fast, that hospital bed, rehab center, or any disadvantage situation can become a place of prayer.




What I didn’t know is while I was praying in the S.H.U. from April to September there was a sentencing committee that was meeting to decide whether the two points would be given to the people who were incarcerated for selling drugs. They actually met in April and made their decision in July.

So when I was praying I didn’t know exactly what was going on behind the scene, but the prayers of the righteous avails much.

See your place of prayer may not be where you want it to be, but it’s the place you need to be to intercede. Your family, friends, employees or spouse may be going through or about to go through something and you are in the right place at the right time to pray.

Someone maybe making a decision of a lifetime, a decision that will affect your life and theirs. You have to have a time and place to intercede for a life changing decision.

Make no mistake, God has designed you to be at a place to pray someone through.




Well the new administration decided it was best for me to move to another place. So today I’m in Ray Brook, New York and upon my arrival there was a young man who operated in the office of a prophet and was already on a fast. When He recognized me in the spirit he began to tell the men who I was in the spirit. He prophesized my office and what God brought me to Ray Brook to do. Isn’t it good to see the Church operating in the way it was intended?

If everyone would do their part then we will have it to where you will not have to tell anyone who you are. God will use the prophet or prophetess in the Church to tell others who you are and the mission you are on.

So you can focus on what God assigned you to do without hesitation or procrastination. The time you would use to convince people who you are is that time you can be focusing on the work.



GRADUATION (see graduate page for pictures)

Which brings me to the point at hand, immediately I went to work. I arrived here on September 11 and started teaching the leaders of the Church on Monday the 15th. Because of the different schedules I had to break the work up into three classes; morning, noon and evening classes. By October 30th we completed our first spiritual development class in Ray Brook, New York.

The graduation was November 1st and the men are moving on to train others on the compound. I also started another session which was the second enrollment, this increased the classes to five; 7:30 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am; 12:30 pm and 5:30pm.

I want all teachers to know that once you start a class the next class will always be more. Never be concerned about the amount of people you start off with. Just prepare for the amount of people you are about to receive. “Faithful over a Few.”




I want you to pray for this prison, the administration, staff, inmates and brothers. Especially for the ones who just graduated, because they are now on the mission to change the spiritual condition of this place from the inside out.

This is a time when the B.O.P. is about to go through a major transition and God is using these men to help spiritually.

This is a time for them to train and spiritual development is the training manual for many of these great men. They will help 46,000 men to be ready to re-enter society to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and employees. Make no mistake, God is raising up an army of men and women who are coming out of the prison system armed with the solution to society’s problems.

This is a spiritual solution that would rid society of one problem at a time. This is what this training consist of, no more and no less.




Many of you have heard how God is going to raise up an army in the last days to do a great and powerful thing in the earth.

Well the men in the B.O.P. are not only being trained to be the husbands, fathers and leaders, but also part of this magnificent army God is raising up.

They are called the Joseph Generation Army, this army is not only being trained but formed and ready to march out to do God’s will in the earth. This is why spiritually speaking the sentencing commission had agreed to reduce the time for men who are eligible for the two point reduction.

One may think it’s just about the law, but there is a spiritual protocol that they are releasing men of God before their time in order for them to get in position to carry out God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

Remember Joseph’s call to the palace was to solve a spiritual problem Pharaoh and his professional assistants could not solve. Well this army will be released to solve the problems of our community, city, state and nation.

This will be the power of God working through them and moving like never before.




As you may have heard the sad news of the great man of God passing in the month of November. He, his wife, daughter and nine other staff members died in a plane accident. I want to offer my condolences to his family and Church family.

At the age of 24 I was introduced to Miles Munroe’s teaching and it changed my life. It was at a time I was looking for purpose in the Christian life. God began to reveal to me that we all have a purpose like men and women in the Bible. Well at that time someone introduced me to the Pursuit of Purpose and it changed my spiritual life. So much so when I began to create my Spiritual Development Curriculum I had to include some of the teachings and recommended books he had authored.

Mr. Munroe, man of God, husband and father will be missed, I’m looking forward to seeing him in heaven as we celebrate the fulfillment of purpose.

His purpose was to show us our purpose and his mission was complete.





Ferguson and New York

Before I close this website entry I want to mention what took place in Ferguson.

Many have asked me what I think about the situation. Allow me to say this has happened before and it will happen again. As I grow spiritually I realize what we think is the solution don’t fix the problem at all.

Whenever civil disobedience is involved, immediately we are going down the wrong path. We are going against God’s institution and the first thing we have to do is to understand the force behind the killing and the riot and recognize it is the same force causing us to fight one another.

We have an opportunity to do something different than what Martin did. One may ask, did not Martin Luther King, Jr. make progress by protesting on civil disobedience? From a political point of view maybe, from a spiritual point of view, no! Why? Because blacks stopped being killed by whites and started killing each other.

Whites stopped using the “N” word only for blacks to use it to label each other, putting it in a song, making it a rap and a nickname for their close friends.

If we are going to deal with the Ferguson situation we must deal with the problem from the root, if not, it will only come back greater later.


It has been a pleasure to update you to what is going on inside the prison system from a spiritual perspective. It is my desire and God given mission to allow you to witness how God is taking the rejects of our society, the outcast of family and friends, men who have worked against Christ and all the Kingdom principles and changing them from the inside out.

Watch how God has taken them into prison, use prison as a preparation station to train them to become the men of God he created them to be before the foundation of the world.

You will witness how God is moving men to be husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, employees and employers.

Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and the favor of God to bring this Spiritual Army together in order to bring solutions to our society.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



It has been a minute since the last time I updated you, do you know why? Because I have been Busy! Busy! Busy! Busy!

Our Lord and King has been pushing me to my destiny and there is no time to slow down. Allow me to bring you up to date. The last time I wrote to you was in 2010, we were in Manchester and we had just released “Joseph Generation.” We told you about a young man named Valentine Nnani. To update you about Nnani, he is back in Africa doing well. Keep him and his family in your prayers as the blessings continue to shower over his life.


The book, “Joseph Generation” is blessing many lives by inspiring them to dream and know how to fulfill their dreams against the odds. The men in the BOP especially here at FCI McDowell are realizing it is a blessing to get another chance to do what God has created them to do in life. Remember, these men are not coming from the best of backgrounds, nor were they given a perfect upbringing, yet they are discovering there is a Heavenly Father whose Son is Christ Jesus who is interested in their future and destiny.

Here is a young man whose life has been impacted by this book:


To the readers of “The Joseph Generation,” I pray this book makes as much of a spiritual impact on you as it has me and still is doing. God not only used Brother Brown through this book to help me, but also through “Spiritual Development” which is a course he teachers, that I now have the privilege of teaching. My Name is Amanza Pollino, I’m 33 years old and now on fire for the Lord rather than the enemy I once served. I’ve ran with different gangs, sold just about every drug you can think of and even abused drugs myself. I’ve been in and out of prison since 1998 which was the year I got save and it has been a journey up until meeting Brother Brown in 2008. Up until 2008 I thought I had it figured out and just knew my relationship was well with the Lord. All of that despite the wrong I continued in and still blind to the truth that I really lacked the spiritual maturity I thought I had. Now I’m blessed to say that I’ve not only got the understanding needed but the relationship I’ve truly longed for with God. I still have some growing to do, but looking back I can definitely see the maturity and betterment God has brought me into. I thank Him for using Brother Brown and helping me to move towards my destiny and start fulfilling the purpose God has for me. Thank you.


Do you remember Jeffrey Scott? He was my ‘armor bearer’ in Manchester FCI. He went home and is doing well. He writes, e-mail, and I talk to him on the phone from time to time. He is married to a beautiful young lady and he continues to do a powerful work in the Kingdom. His hometown wrote a success story on him, entitled, Jeffrey Scott gets a 'Second Change' in life.


Jeffrey Scott is now preaching and assisting a local pastor. He is also the director of a Praise and Worship ensemble. He constantly reminds me that the Spiritual Development principles works on the ‘outside’ as well as it did for him on the ‘inside.’ He also shared with me a picture of Paul Morton and himself, and he was excited because Paul Morton preached on the subject of “Joseph Generation.”



For those that don’t know, I am no longer in FCI Manchester, Kentucky. I have been transferred to McDowell FCI in West Virginia. I must confess it is not a place I wanted to be. McDowell was first opened in 2010 and needed bodies, but God needed souls. As much as I didn’t want to be transferred here, God had a major plan called: "Expansion."


Once I realized the plan of God in connection with ‘spiritually developing’ souls and consecrating this place to do so. “On a personal note, you may be going through something where you don’t want to leave a successful place, you are comfortable and it’s very convenient for you. So you think this move is not of God? But I want you know God is expanding you. Most of the time you can’t plan an expansion it just grows on you.

Your business is outgrowing the building, your family is outgrowing the house, your abilities are outgrowing your job, and this is called ‘Spiritual Expansion.’ It’s a clear sign you have done all you can do where you are and it’s time to go to the next level, which usually means going to another location. [Let me stop before I start preaching] ☺.


So in November 2010 1 arrived here at McDowell FCI and I was one of the first of 40 inmates in a facility that holds 1700. As far as I was concerned this was strategic in order for me to consecrate this place for Christ and also ‘spiritually develop’ His leaders and put them in place, so when the other inmates arrived ‘the food’ would already be prepared for His sons at the Master’s table.



The first annual graduation held May 15, 2011 was a great success. After instructing the future facilitators for the last three to four weeks, it was time for us to celebrate the completion of one level and the commencing of another.

The men who came from different correctional facilities understood they were sent by God to help ‘spiritually develop’ the newly opened FCI McDowell in order to make it spiritually conducive for the ones to come.



At that time Assistant Warden Baxter was Acting Warden. It was an honor and privilege having him as a keynote speaker. It was as though he was giving us the father’s blessing. I can remember his speech like it was yesterday because he used the Spiritual Development ‘aftercare’ as an outline for his speech. He shared with us how he used similar spiritual exercises to get through his intense United States Marine Corps experience. His speech was not only confirmation that we were at the right place at the right time doing the right thing, it was also inspiring to know someone of his stature was living by the same principles that was being taught. He also encouraged us to impact all our fellow inmates with the same spiritual principles that have helped him. Mr. Baxter has since gone on to bigger and better things and it is my prayer that God blesses him and his family in an amazing way.



It was a blessing to meet a great man like Chaplin Connors. When we first met, we didn’t see eye to eye, but once we sat down to talk, we realized we had the same mission and vision for the men of God in this facility. We ‘clicked’ like a missing piece in a puzzle. This man was the most caring and compassionate person that I ever had the pleasure of meeting in the B.O.P. He has the heart for the men who are incarcerated, and understood the men have a purpose beyond their prison situation.

It was a blessing to meet a great man like Chaplin Connors. While praying with us he oftentimes literally cried. Chaplain Connors has been a tremendous blessing to me because he has made my assignment to prepare men to re-enter society really easy. I remember one time after he returned from a Chaplain’s Conference; he told me that we were ahead of the game. Everything we were doing with Spiritual Development the head Chaplain was instructing the other Chaplains to follow suit. We both rejoiced over the fact as we worked in the spirit of Christ in a sincere concern to help men prepare for their re-entry into society, this caused us to be far advanced then most in the re-entry effort for the Glory of God.

Chaplain Connors is now at FCI Berlin, where he is closer to his home and family. I’m sure he’s continuing to teach men the power of being ‘in consecration’ versus ‘incarceration.’ God bless you, chap!



Speaking of meeting people, who God has assigned you to help then, and them to help you, Warden Hogsten has been a tremendous blessing to this great move of God that is taking place in the B.0.P. Warden Hogsten was the warden at FCI Manchester where I worked close with her Assistant Warden R.D. Ranum and Chief Chaplain S. Kirchoff, along with Dr. ‘B’ to establish Spiritual Development inside of their ‘Man-up Re-entry Program.’ So when I came to PCI McDow2ll and started working, it was rumored that she would also be coming as well. Sure enough, about six months later she arrived with the grace and style of a ‘queen.’ I remember it like it was yesterday when I went along with Chaplain Connors and met her in front of the dining hail.

She recognized me right away and asked, ‘Is everything set up?’ as though this was previously planned. I confidently replied, ‘Yes, ma’am, everything is ready to go.’ I even let her know Chaplain Connors was a thousand percent helpful in the process of getting the program started.



A month later Warden Hogsten addressed the second graduation class and in her speech she mentioned that she knew I was here, but she didn’t know how far along I progressed in establishing Spiritual Development at FCI McDowell.

On a personal note... it’s always good to know that God connects you to people and you become a blessing to them without you even knowing it.

We often said Mrs. Hogsten was the mother we never had, and just as Assistant Warden Baxter gave us the ‘Father’ s Blessing’ in the first graduation, Warden Hogsten came along to give us a ‘Mother’s Blessing’ for the second graduation. Her administration grace and insight told us she believed in us, and that we were not failures because we have failed in certain areas of our lives, hut that we were human beings who still had promising futures.

By the way, Warden Hogsten recently retired in August 2013, and we were blessed to have her for her third and final graduation. She told us that she started working at the age of 13 until she recently retired, and now she was beginning the second part of her life. I pray that the latter part of her life will be greater than the former part. And wherever you are Mrs. Hogsten, I thank you graciously for helping men reenter society.


In March of 2013 a counselor asked me would I start the Spiritual Development in the ‘B’ building-unit 4 where I was housed. I asked him to give me a couple of days to pray about it, and the Holy Spirit led me to start a new curriculum: the Social Development Program. This class also helped men to prepare from the ‘inside-out’ by using the prison environment to practice ‘social principles.’

The Social Development curriculum was designed for those men who could not be reached with the Spiritual Development curriculum. This curriculum would give everyone an opportunity to be prepared for freedom. Well, our Lord and King blessed Social Development, and it became an overwhelming success. The men who take this course usually go on to take Spiritual Development. It has changed men’s’ lives in a powerful way, read a statement of a young man who has been impacted by the class and now is a facilitator of the class.

Stacy Berry, Bronx, New York:


I met Nacoe Brown, in November 2012 and a month later I was introduced to social development. At the young age of 24 with no respect for the law. A re-entry class was the last thing I was looking forward to. Little did I know Social Development would be the turning point of my life. With principles that would change my perception once and for all.

Once I took the class and discussed the pros and cons of prison and society issues with peer of all ages and from all walks of life. I had no choice but to realize I was on a road to destruction. Nacoe’s curriculum teaches men about not conforming to the prison way of thinking or living. We touch basis in all areas from money, hustling, criminal detoxing, and embracing challenges. To having a citizens mindset, getting and practicing principles, along with preparation or having negative reputation to serve, have humility, be obedient, sacrifice and most important not breaking . With most men or today’s generation growing up in single parent homes, we also learnt about the responsibility of a father and mother and the importance of the training that the mother and father must do to allow their child to be productive at an early age and successful in life.

Since being a student of the class. I have facilitated over 40 men of all ages and races about the important principles social development offers and the importance of application of these principles to stay out of prison. I now strive for greatness to be a positive roll model in prison as well as society to be a solution as Nacoe teaches in the community and as a father, husband and a teacher. I thank God and Nacoe Brown for letting the Holy Spirit lead him to influence a positive generation of LEADERS.

Since March of 2012 to present, we have graduated over 500 men. Check out the Social Development Outline:

  1. Questionnaire (first week)
  2. Purpose of Prison (second week)
  3. Identifying and Reducing Recidivism (third week)
  4. How to Re-enter Society (fourth week)

II. Purpose of Prison
  1. Time with Self
  2. Preserved Life
  3. Get Principles
  4. Practice Principles
  5. Embracing Challenges
  6. Criminal Detox
  7. Diffuse
  8. Not Breaking the Law
  9. Personalizing Re-entry
  10. Preparation
  11. God’s Time
  12. Presentable

III. Identifying Recidivism
  1. Stamps
  2. Hustling
  3. Gambling
  4. Pornography
  5. Disobeying Authority
  6. Stealing
  7. Receiving Stolen Property
  8. Drinking Alcohol
  9. Drug Use
  10. Weapons
  11. Neglecting Job Responsibilities
  12. Neglecting Family Ties

IV. How to Re-enter Society
  1. Criminal mindset/Citizen mindset
  2. The father’s blessing or curse
  3. Mother’s blessing or curse
  4. Final instruction
   a. Church
   b. Marriage
   c. Mission or Ministry
   d. Personal Time


A lot of men have come and gone, either they are in another prison teaching Spiritual Development, or they are at home applying principles and getting the results from the Kingdom of God. The powerful word of God is going forth changing men’s’ lives and preparing them for the great move of God. Signs and wonders are following:

Men are being healed, families are being restored, minds, emotions, and wills are being renewed, and the great revival has started.

On August 11, 2013 I preached a prophetic word entitled “God’s Recreation Call.” The text came from Ezekiel 37:1-14. The Lord instructed me to tell the congregation He had to break them out of some things, break away from some things, break up some things, and break off some things in their lives.

Now they are in the season where God is putting the broken pieces back together again. He is reconnecting their lives like never before.

On a personal note... this is a message for you as well. You had to get through a ‘breaking process’ in your life for a season. But now you are going to see the miraculous hand of God reconnect your life in many ways. Get ready for it.



The day after, on August 12th of the prophetic sermon, the Attorney General, Eric Holder, addressed the American Bar Association, saying, ‘The penal system is broken and we must fix it.’ He began to lay out some of the formats and scenarios of what he intended to do to fix the broken system: His main objective was to release men by changing the mandatory sentencing and other sentencing strategies.

He put emphasis on ‘Re-Entry Programs’ that could help me make the transition back into society, as well as safeguarding the general public from any kind of recidivistic statistic.

What he did not know was that God had already started the process of raising up men who have been spiritually developed and have committed to, not only going out to reduce recidivism, but now understand it is time to rebuild what they have torn down. They will not enter society with the only goal in mind is to ‘survive,’ but they will re-enter with the determination and goal to succeed.



As I forestated before many year ago, God is preparing a generation for the ‘Palace.’ He is shaping and molding them for the work only they can do. I informed you this generation is called the ‘Joseph Generation.’ God is moving the old out of the way and moving the new in. He is taking that of the flesh in the world and breaking it.

The Joseph Generation has an appointment with the King and their business is the solution to society’s problems. Their credentials are their past that was full of problems, when they were in prison they found the answers to their troubling past. And now God is releasing them to go to the Palace and share with the King their solution, this is called the ‘divine antidote.’

These men are coming forth in all colors, races, cultures, and backgrounds, moving by the Glory of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

On your calendar of August 11th and the 12th of 2013, mark these days, because this is when the “Revival” began to manifest in the earth’s realm, starting at McDowell FCI.


There are some of the men who are in the ‘vanguard’ of this powerful move. Read the comments of the following men that are a part of the Joseph Generation.

David A. Hill:


First of all I want to thank God for placing such a powerful Brother into my life to pour into me information to become very successful in a heavenly way. I want to thank you Brother Brown for letting the Lord use you to produce such a life-changing curriculum.

Social Development has been a huge blessing to me and has made a major impact in my life. Before taking the class I was creating personalized “pop up” cards and selling them for stamps or commissary (two forms of currency in prison). When taking the class I found out how this was related to hustling and how hustling was a hindrance to the blessings I was about to receive all my life I desired to have money. But I always went about getting it the wrong way. I started to begin the chase for money at an early age and my corrupted thinking had me chasing money all the way into the trap we call prison.

Social Development, a curriculum based on biblical principles taught in spiritual development showed me a new dynamic on prototypical challenges we face in everyday life. After completing the curriculum, I learned that when I operated in purpose, I don’t have to chase money. Instead the money will chase me. I started work working for the Lord and after a year I got a job in prison working for one or two days out of each month. I checked off the names of those who attended orientation and put the paperwork together, I went from busting my tail naturally making $25 a month to busting my tail spiritually making $70 a month. God is also blessing my family and me in other ways. My mom and dad just recently got a house. But it’s only because the principles I learned, I’m teaching them. God truly does “Supply All Your Needs according To His Riches in Glory in Christ Jesus!”

Social Development reveals the spiritual solutions to those who get caught up in the move of the prison lifestyle. It helps identify the cycle of recidivism and gives men a strategy on how to not only get out, but stay free! Most of all, Social Development is opening the eyes of many men and helping them to take that step to get to know their Creator! Hallelujah! Glory Be to God!!!!

In Christ,

David A. Hill

* * *

Robert Stinson, Jr.:


Spiritual Development – The Answer :

I am honored and truly humbled to be asked to write on how Spiritual Development has affected my life…

I entitled this response, “The Answer,” Because like the Samaritan woman at the well, every person is trying to find out, “How do I find God?” Spiritual Development was the clear , concise answer to that question. Since God is a Spirit, we must worship Him on a Spiritual level. Spiritual Development led me in the direction that is now the foundation for my ministry. Not only is my relationship with God stronger, but I’ve been able to facilitate the same clarity of worship in others here.

When I arrived at GCI-Gilmer, there was no ‘Spiritual’ based study or worship here to speak of. Everything centered on the ability of the individual to do better. Because of my exposure to Spiritual Development I proposed this incredible teaching to the Chaplain. It was met with the ‘not here’ attitude, so I began to teach and facilitate it privately. Over 25 men have completed the study here and the difference has yielded fruit of a nightly prayer in each unit, increased Church attendance, weekly prayer in the rec, yard on Saturdays and a greater spiritual awareness of how the Holy Spirit guides us to fulfill our God given purpose and to be the light of the world to all around us in darkness… Spiritual Development…The God Given Answer…

* * *

Nakie Harris:

My name is Nakie Harris. I have been incarcerated since 2005. I have been to the highest level security institution and am now located at an FCI institution. I met Mr. Nacoe Brown in 2007 and he taught me the “Spiritual Development Curriculum.

If I ‘could’ sum up how the Spiritual Development Curriculum has affected my life I would probably have to write a book. Nonetheless, I will do my best to be very brief. I will be very honest to ‘no’ dress this up as one would dress the preparation of a Thanksgiving turkey, or as one would dress their child up for school pictures. Nor will I dress this up as one would for Sunday Service…

I could easily describe my ‘Spiritual Development’ with two statements: 1. Being equipped for the life after salvation and 2. Preparation for God’s Purpose

This course on how to properly spiritually develop leaves nothing out in my book. It helped me to ‘become’ spiritually mature (over a period of time of course) to first position me, then actually allow me to engage in fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.

The pure word of God in this curriculum became very real to me and was so easy to apply to my daily life. Looking back, even when I didn’t see the daily results in the natural, daily growth was taking place spiritually.

These results are very real, but application is very necessary. My life’s transformation through this curriculum was so real that when conversing with people on the topic of how I know that ‘Jesus Is Real’, that ‘Jesus Really Lives’ and that my faith is not a hoax.

I would often say, “My evidence is in my everyday lifestyle” – bold enough to say, “Keep watching me.” The fruit that I bare today is extremely opposite then the rotten apples that I produced in my past life.

I could go on, but I will conclude with this, that I may move on to my next point. I have in no way been coerced to say any of what I am sharing. I give all glory to God and his son Jesus Christ for using Mr. Nacoe Brown to play his master building skills role in helping to change my entire life.

I give honor to Mr. Nacoe Brown for going through all that he has to construct this curriculum. For only as we mature and have been assigned a special assignment as Mr. Nacoe has – and by God, will we actually understand what it took for Brother Brown to give birth to this beautiful baby entitled, Spiritual Development Curriculum: I bet most women can relate with what I’m talking about.

~ * ~ * ~

It is my complete joy to help grow guys into mature spiritual men or at least give them the needed information that will cause such a transformation to take place.

Over the years of teaching the “Spiritual Development Curriculum” I have had men within the federal system often say, ‘how good this information is’ and I have watched as they are engrossed and liberated spiritually as the word is being broken down in its simplest form through the Spiritual Development Curriculum for easy application.

I’m simply giving the men, what was given to me, “the Living Word-through a written form, “Life”.

I often have been referred to another regarding the course. The men would come inquiring about it, and of how they want to change or they heard that I teach a class about the Bible, “Praise God.”

Initially, I always share with them that, I do not teach this curriculum because my Spiritual pops told me to, because my mother said so, for fame or just for something to do – no! I teach it because of what I have experienced and am experiencing through it.

This curriculum would be very helpful in many, many institutional churches and public churches.

I say this not to exalt Brother Brown, that’s God’s job, not mine, but because I want this information shared with all who want it – so that their lives will be changed.

I just want to help men and women that are caught up in a sinful lifestyle that causes them to abandon God’s purpose for their lives, their wives, children, parents, families and friends. I want to help people to get in a position that through Christ, God may reveal through his word (The Spiritual Development Curriculum) Dis-cover (Discover) who they really are and what they are actually supposed to be doing with the life that God has entrusted to them; on Purpose.

Brother, Nakie Harris

* * *

Kwame Amoo- Adare:


Spiritual Development gave me an opportunity and privilege of serving my Lord Christ Jesus by serving men. God used His word to mold me into a better person as I served through Spiritual Development. It changed my life, it gave me purpose, direction and it not only changed my life, it restored my home, my wife and my son’s.

I remember when my ‘Spiritual Father’ Bro. Nacoe told me he will show me a way God can restore me and my home in prison. It was through the opportunity of spiritual development as I started sharing the ‘Word of God’ that God redeemed me and is restoring my home.

Through the servant of the Lord, in Christ Jesus, I had the opportunity to ‘oversee’ the work of Spiritual Development in Manchester, Kentucky. God allowed me to teach over ninety men and blessed me to disciple men in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit through the opportunity of the “School of Spiritual Development.”

Currently in Rivers Facility, North Carolina the Lord is establishing the work of Spiritual Development from the grassroots. As God is allowing me to share the curriculum with the facility’s Chaplin and some of the elders in the Church, including a son in the gospel, Chris Bradley who God is preparing for home and his purpose in Christ Jesus.

God is using His word in a fresh way through Spiritual Development to prepare and disciple men to go to all Nations to operate in their God created purposes as husbands, fathers, leaders, disciples in Christ, visionaries, teachers and cultivators. It is an opportunity to fulfill God’s purpose for men’s lives.



Be blessed,

Bro Amoo

* * *

Doyle Lee:

Spiritual Development has brought to me more of an understanding of how I can please God and honor His Son Jesus Christ, not simply by words but through a lifestyle that will glorify the Father by me finally becoming a man of purpose.

Spiritual Development has taught me how to be a godly parent and to be better equipped to nurture my kids (Yes, I am a better parent now while I’m away than I was before). I have also learned that being a man of spiritual principles is God’s design so that I can be beneficial to myself, my family, my community and nation because Spiritual Development continues to free me from the inside out.

I am presently being housed at FCI Ashland where we have begun spiritual development here through the approval of Chaplin Johnson. Men’s lives are changing, I’ve witnessed how through this process of development men have been able to get delivered from bondages of things like greed, pride, racism, fear, addictions as well as the damages we’ve suffered from during our childhood. Yes!!! While I’ve been here I’ve seen how Spiritual Development has given a young man the strength to no longer be affiliated with a gang that he has been a member of for ten years. This is the power of Spiritual Development equipping us with the tools for success by introducing us to spiritual principles. This is true freedom, being able to walk away from the things that have held us back (pride, anger, frustration and misunderstandings).

In April we will be experiencing our first graduation. We’re anticipating approximately anywhere between 50-70 men completing Spiritual Development.

Thank you Nacoe for fathering a seemingly forgotten generation and impressing on me and showing me the importance of “moving forward” for the Glory of God.

* * *

Antonio Espey:

How has Spiritual Development affected my life? When I thought I was in the right standing with Christ, Spiritual Development showed me I wasn’t. When I thought I was in the game, Spiritual Developed showed me I was really on the side lines.

I became a developed Christian by being taught Spiritual Development. A person can’t just read Spiritual Development and become develop, it has to be someone that has been Spiritual Develop to bring about an understanding that one need to get the understanding of Spiritual Development. Acts 8:30-31 says: Then Philip ran up to the chariot and heard the man reading Isaiah the prophet. “Do you understand what you are reading?” Philip asked. “How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.

Do you understand what you are reading? Philip asked. How can I, “he said, “unless someone explains it to me? Spiritual Development has made me a better husband, father, grandfather and over all a man of God.

Oftentimes people don’t want to take Spiritual Development which is the word of God broken down but God has give me spiritual insight, scripture says, Matthew 10:16, Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

My mentor taught me how to be wise and harmless, whether you know it or not, you will get Spiritual Development spoken to you and broken down, now if they receive it, it’s on them.

Because of Spiritual Development, I’m now preaching the word of God, teaching the word of God and more than anything, I’m walking as a man of God. God saw fit to place a man of God in my life, he taught me an showed me by his walk how to be Spiritual Developed and I thank God for my brother, Nacoe Brown, he is truly a man of God and has changed so many lives. All glory to God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ!!!

Bro. Antonio Espey

* * *





My Wife:


It is an honor to write that my family is doing well. My wife, Vanassa Ann Brown, is being blessed by our Lord and King. We have been married going on twenty years and she has been a major blessing to the move of God. Not only is she holding up my hands to ensure victory from the inside, she is also helping me to train our children and making sure they are being everything God created them to be. Vanassa has a powerful wife material and mother material message that God is preparing her to teach the nation.




My children are being blessed in the process. Jasmine, my baby girl, is growing up right before my eyes. She has been blessed to graduate from High School with honors, and is now attending Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, majoring in Music Theatre with a minor in Dance.

When I think of how God helped us to break the statistic pattern of young teens (especially of an incarcerated parent) dropping out of school, using drugs, getting into gangs, getting pregnant, and on the path that leads to prison and an early death. However, God gave me a promise: If I were to take care of His business in here, He would take care of my business out there. And He has definitely kept His word.

Jasmine is going to be releasing her latest song, along with an inspirational book entitled “You’re A Superstar” coming out in the spring of 2014. Keep Jasmine in prayer and you can expect big things from her for the glory of God.

On a personal note... if you have any children you can break the generational cycle off them making the same mistakes you made. You can say, "This is as far as the generational curses go!" It can stop with you. You can start generational blessings. I’ll share more on the subject in the book “Parent Material.” In the meanwhile, look for Jasmine’s “You’re A Superstar,” a must read that empowers teens and young adults.



My son Destine is also doing great. He not only stayed on the honor roll for three consecutive years, he also received numerous music awards for singing and in academics. He is also training in track, baseball, and boxing. He even won a citywide and state music competition.


On a personal note... our children do not have to be victims of the system; but with the right amount of prayer, coaching and a focused parent, your child will be an example to others. God promised to bless your seed and cause them to grow in areas of opportunities where you never had a chance. And right now... I want to decree: Your children will be prosperous and successful in every area of their lives.


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