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Our mission at Divine Royalty Publishing
is to teach generations by way of Publication, through books, movies, plays, sermons and songs that wisdom is indeed the principal thing; Proverbs 4:7.  Our aim here is to motivate and inspire generations with Godís word, which we believe is full of insight, revelation, knowledge and word of wisdom for all subject matters. We want to cause our readers to look at the subject matter in a different light, until they began to value the wealth of wisdom that lies in Godís word. We believe this will inspire generations to discover the overwhelming wisdom the Lord has placed inside of them, investing such wisdom to their everyday lifestyle and situation, there by gaining a great return on their spiritual investment. 
Divine Royalty Publishing is excited to be the parent of Divine Parables.  Divine Parables is Americaís first Urban Christian Fiction. Divine Parables is geared towards the young generation of believers causing them to gain insight concerning the challenges and changes the youth believers are facing today.  Helping them to use wisdom as they make choices that will determine their spiritual development
We pray these publications will be used in Sunday School Classes, Bible Classes, Book Clubs and other learning environments, offering Christians a new and exciting curriculum to teach the younger generation of believers.
As you can see at Divine Royalty Publishing, we believe wisdom is better than fine gold.

 (Proverbs 3:14)

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