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My Wife Material - Volume I
ISBN - 9780978890131

Book One - Teaches you how to discover your Wife Material

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My Wife Material - Volume II
ISBN - 9780978890148

Book Two - Teaches you how to develop your Wife Material

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It’s Your Time!

  • Did you know that you were Wife Material?
  • Did you know your soul mate is waiting for you?
  • Did you know there have been people, situations and relationships of the past, trying to kill your wife potential?
  • Did you know there is now a book that is designed to help you fulfill your wife purpose?
  • Now if you are not serious about being Wife Material and getting married, please don’t read this book.  This book is strictly for the females who know it’s time for them to meet and marry their soul mate.
  • By the way, a soul mate is not someone you find, a soul mate is someone you prepare for.
  • That’s right, the keyword is, “Preparation.” Say that word out loud, “Preparation.” This is the only thing you have been lacking in your life in the area of being a wife, “Preparation.” 
  • You originally have the right pattern and material to be Wife Material, you only need it prepared.
  • This is the purpose of this book entitled, “Wife Material, Preparing Single Spiritual Sisters for Marriage.”
  • I can hear a discouraged soul saying, “There are too many couples getting divorced for me to get married.”
  • Yes, I would agree the graveyard of divorces is full of dead relationships, only because someone did not prepare for their soul mate.
  • I hear another discouraged soul saying, “It’s too many women to one man for me to be the one who gets married.
  • Can I ask you a question?  The job you have now, were you the only one applying for the position?  But yet you have the position.  Why?  Maybe it is because some one thought you to be more prepared than the other applicants.
  • It is time out for us preparing for every other position, but the most important position in life and that is being the queen of the relationship and family.
  • Preparation is what is going to separate you from all the rest.

Order your book today and let’s start the course
in becoming the wife God created you to be.

Remember, Preparation is Everything.

No more hoping that love and romance will help maintain your relationship. This time you will be 100% prepared for all the blessings that comes from being Wife Material.

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